Terms of Use

These Terms of Use (hereinafter, the “Terms”) are binding on all Users of the website at www.radar.film (hereinafter, the “Service”).

By visiting, registering, authorizing on, using the Service, using any of the services provided on the website, you unconditionally agree with these Terms, as well as with the documents published on the Service, including but not limited to the User Agreement and Privacy Policy, other agreements, policies, subscription rates, and rules for the use of individual services, and agree to comply with these Terms of Use. These terms are an integral part of the User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

The definitions used in these Terms are similar to those used in the User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

  1. General Provisions

    1. The Service is a specialized online platform (software package) called RADAR.film, where in accordance with these Terms as well as agreements specified separately on the Service the Users can:

      • Complete their Profile, including publicly posting information about their work (projects), photos, links to works (projects), their surname, name, patronymic, age, city, contact information, etc.

      • Search for a Maker.

      • Use other services.

    2. The Service is not a party to transactions between Users, does not guarantee the quality, safety and legality of the User’s services, the authorship of the projects posted in the User’s Profile, the level of their qualifications for performing any work, the Client’s payment for the Makers’s work, and also does not guarantee that the Maker can and will actually perform works / render services on the proposed project.

    3. The Service does not check the User information entered during registration or information posted by Users in their Profile.

    4. The User uses the Service at their discretion, independently assessing the possible risks from its use, and agrees that the services are provided “as is”. The Administrator does not guarantee that the Service meets the requirements and expectations of the User in any way, and is not responsible for the consequences that may occur as a result of using the Service.

    5. The Terms are drawn up by the Administrator and can be changed or supplemented at any time without prior notice to the Users. Changes shall come into force from the moment they are posted on the Service. By using the Service after the publication of any changes made to these Terms, the User agrees to meet the requirements of such changes. In this regard, it is important to regularly review these Terms to always be aware of any changes made to them.

  2. Profile Features and Capabilities

    1. General properties of Profiles and the Service:

      1. The search for Makers on the Service is free of charge for any Website Visitor and does not require registration.

      2. To use all features of the Service, the Visitor shall register on the Service. A registered User can save search results and selected Profiles of other Users in their Personal Account, subscribe to new Projects of selected Users.

      3. The User can register up to five (5) types of Profiles on one account: Client, Crew, Company, Agent, and Film School. Client, Crew and Company are types of one User’s profile. Agent and Film School are batch profile types where, representing themselves, the User can represent other Users by mutual agreement. Package profiles mean profiles in which the User can add associated Users they represent in their Personal Account (hereinafter referred to as the “package”).

      4. Crew and Company profiles can add and edit the Projects in which they took part, invite other Service Users and new Users to a project (work) team.

    2. Client profile. This is a free Profile (no payment required to register). After registration, the Client can save search results, Projects and Makers they liked in their Personal Account, and subscribe to Makers. The Client profile is not shown on the Service for unregistered Visitors.

    3. Crew profile. This is a paid profile (registration requires payment) in the Maker group. The Crew’s specialty is selected during registration. It will be displayed on the Service and in the search results for Visitors and Clients. The maximum number of specialties a Crew can choose is five. The Crew introduces themselves and their Projects. For the convenience of finding Crew Profiles, they are classified into four types:

      • Pro for creative specialties and heads of departments with at least one feature film, TV series, or 10 commercials in the Projects section.

      • Newblood for creative specialties and heads of departments with various Projects in film and video production.

      • Crew for all other specialties.

      • Graduate, a Crew type created by Film Schools.

      The Pro or Newblood types are assigned to the Crew by the Service based on the added Projects within seven (7) calendar days from the date of registration. This Profile can also be added by a Representative to their package. The Crew confirms their consent to be added to such Representative’s package via email. For more details on the conditions for the free display of a Crew in the Representative’s package, see the Agent Profile and Film School Profile sections below.

    4. Company Profile. This is a paid profile (registration requires payment) in the Maker group. The Company submits its Projects through an authorized representative who registers on its behalf. The area of the Company’s activity is selected during registration, according to which it will be displayed on the Service and in the search results for Visitors and Clients. The maximum number of activities that the Company can choose is five.

  3. Services

    1. The main feature provided through the Service is Maker search.

    2. The User can search for Makers by the parameters that the Makers indicated in their Projects and Profile. There are three search types:

      • Easy search: search for all types of activities, professions, locations on the Service.

      • Advanced search: search by additional Work (Project) parameters and properties.

      • Pro search: search for creative professions and heads of departments by Projects image.

    3. A registered User can order additional services:

      1. Personal search: search for Makers for an additional fee according to the application made by the User. In this case, if the search result on the Service is unsatisfactory, the Client can apply for a separate Maker search. The service is provided on a 100% prepayment basis. Search results will be displayed in the Client’s Personal Account as new contacts on the Service in the time and scope indicated in the application form before payment.

      2. Adding Works (Projects): the Maker can add projects independently or require assistance in adding projects to their Profile. To do this, the Maker can place an application on the Service. The service is provided on a 100% prepayment basis. Works (Projects) can be added remotely through existing external links to Vimeo or YouTube that the User indicates in the application. In some cases, the Administrator can post projects (if possible in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation) on the specified resources on their own with subsequent addition to the Maker’s Profile, which will require signing a separate agreement with the Maker, as well as the Maker’s written confirmation of their copyright. It is possible to add no more than ten works (projects) per one application.

      3. Crew search: a search for a group of Makers will be carried out on the Service on request. The service is provided on a 100% prepayment basis. It is possible to search for three to five Makers per application.

  4. Payment for Services

    1. All services are provided on the basis of a 100% prepayment in accordance with the Subscription Rates posted on the Service, at the cost indicated when the application is placed or the payment is made.

    2. If the initial service provision result does not meet the User’s expectations, the User will be offered a 30% discount for the next similar request.

    3. If no fitting Makers are found as a result of the Administrator’s search of the entire Database according to the Client’s parameters performed at the Client’s request, or if the Client does not like any of the found Makers, the search service will be deemed rendered properly.

    4. If necessary, the Administrator may require the signing of separate agreements in relation to specific services by sending such a request to the User to the email address specified by the User during registration. In this case, the term for the provision of services shall begin from the moment the Administrator receives the necessary agreement signed by the User.

    5. After the Client receives information from the Administrator or on the Service and when choosing a specific Maker, the Client enters into a legal relationship directly with the Maker and the Administrator is not a party to such relationship. The Administrator is not responsible for the actions of Makers and for the correctness of the information specified by Makers in their Profiles.

  5. Final Provisions

    1. By registering, authorizing on, using the Service and its features, the User acknowledges that they have read, understood and agreed with these Terms, the User Agreement and Privacy Policy, as well as other agreements posted on the Service, and guarantees that they will comply with them.

    2. Failure to read these Terms of Use does not relieve Users from liability for their failure to comply with them.

    3. If the User does not agree with any of the clauses of these Terms, they must immediately leave the Service and stop using it.

    4. Should the User’s violation of these Terms be found, until such violations’ circumstances are clarified, the Service Administrator may delete any materials posted on the Service by the User and/or delete any Project posted on the Service and/or block or suspend the Personal Account and User Profile without prior notice.