Who searches?

Producers, movie companies and production studios, heads of production and post production departments for shooting and post-editing.

Who can I find?

Almost all professionals and companies in the movie and video industries.

How is this service different?

It provides a quick and convenient search by various parameters from crew and companies experience and skills to works characteristics and story details, you just need to pick what’s applicable. The profiles you find will reflect the experience and works of a specialist or company.

How does the search work?

There are three types of search available without registration: Easy, Advanced, and Pro search.

  • Easy search allows finding the necessary specialist or company by several key parameters

  • Advanced search allows adding special project requirements (genre, rating, crew classification, and more)

  • Pro search is for finding heads of departments and full-cycle production studios through requirements for skills and parameters of images and stories they worked on

Can I search without registration?


What is the search location?

You can search for crew and companies anywhere in the world.

What if I do not find anyone?

You can send us a Personal request, and we will try to find you a candidate in the shortest possible time.

What is a Personal request?

You can send us a request if you do not find a suitable crew or company through search.

The request includes your search parameters, using which we will find a suitable candidate for you in the shortest possible time. This is a paid service; payment is for the manual search for specialists or companies.

What is free?

Database search and registration. After registration you will be able to save search results and follow radar's profile. You do not need to be registered just for searching.

What do I pay for?

For being displayed on the website and in the search results. Displayed profiles of companies, specialists, agents and film schools.

How long do I have to pay?

You can pay for a monthly or annual subscription. Annual is cheaper. You can view the subscription rates on the corresponding page.

Why so many settings?

You do not need to use them all, our search provides quick and professional settings. The more information you enter the easier it will be to find you and stand apart from the rest in the search results.

What does a crew or company profile look like?

A company or a specialist can have a Maker profile. All information you enter is automatically distributed into sections and tabs. It is also used to display your profile in the search results.

What types of profiles are there?
  • Clients have free non-displayable profiles used to save search results and follow contractors;

  • Contractors are company or specialist profiles displayed on the website and in the search results;

  • Agent profiles can represent their specialists and their works;

  • Film school profiles represent their graduates;

What is profession classification for?

Department heads and main specialists are classified by work experience. It is necessary to more easily find the exactlier experienced unit.

The Pro status is for specialists who have a feature film or a TV series, or ten commercials or ten music videos.

Newblood are those with any number of works in the reel. These are checked by the website. A graduate is a specialist who recently graduated from film school (last 2 years after graduating).

Graduate profiles are given by film schools.

What are agent and film school profiles for?

Agents and film schools have package profiles. This means that one agent package includes up to five specialists, while one film school package includes ten graduates. The number of packages can be increased. Package profiles are cheaper than other specialist profiles. Specialists included in an agent or film school package may not pay for their profile.

Can I be in different types profiles at the same time?

Yes. You can add all kinds of profiles to your account. Each additional profiles comes with a 30% discount (except agent and film school profiles). The non-displayable client profile is free.

How many extra working areas can I add in my Maker profile?

If a specialist has additional professions or a company works in various areas, they can add them in their profiles. Each additional specialty or area costs 50% less.

How to get free month for Maker profile?

If five new users register using your link, you will have a month free. This works for each new five users. You can activate free months when paying for the next subscription period.

Who can I invite?

By adding or editing uploaded projects, you can invite team members you worked on it with. You can ask them to join using your referral link by posting it on social media and in chats.